CREATION of the COMMANDERY       DIMTRI DONKOY in MOSCOW       December 2009

Fra. Robert. Adelsohn Bels. Mag. Sup. Ordinis Balliolensis, upon request of the Grand Prior of the France, H.E. Fra. Gerard Willery, participated at the creation of the Priory Dimtri Donkoy. OSMTH Russia. The Priorship was transmitted to Fra. Dr. Igor Trunov. Pictures below by courtesy of the Grand Priory of France´s Archives.

The new Commander Fra. Dr. Igor Trunov between two French officials of the Grand Pirory of France. Behind him the two Official Witnesses : H.E. Sor. Snezana, Grand Prior of Macedonia and Mgr. Fra. Dr. Robert A. Bels, Mag. Sup. Ordinis Balliolensis. At Mgr´s left, is H.E. Fra. Gerard Willery, Grand Prior of France, delegated by Mgr. Don Fernando Pinto de Susa Fontes, Grand Master O.S.M.H. (Porto) to represent him and to head the Official Delegation to inaugurate the new Commandery Dimtri Donkoy.

In Moscow, at the conference for the Russian Press. The panel was constituted by the three promoters and representatives of the OSMTH  France, Romania and the Ordo Balliolensis. The Grand Patriarch of Orthodox Russia is seated right of the new commander Fra. Dr. Igor Trunov.

Frater Dr. Igor Trunov, New Commander of the Commandery Dimtri Donkoy or Moscow.

больше никогда зимой  !

Funny Anecdote : : Fra Robert being at the time on vacation in the South of India, flew to Moscow for the event. Having no winter clothes, he had to be dressed from head to feet with some warm clothes from Russian Brothers not to freeze his "roubignolles" off  ! From +40* (Puttaparthi) to -15* (Moscow) = difference of 55* to master after only 10hrs flight in an air conditioned environment ! Fra. Robert somehow survived but promised never to go to this place again, in the winter ! Why not creating a commandery in the South of India ?