In the past some Events of the Knighthood World were cancelled without “Early Warning”. These “Too Late to React” incoming information left us with financial damages due to not refundable flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, etc.


In consequence, our Order will not longer consider participating to any event until it received an Official Invitation. In addition, this Invitation must reach us "In due time, being it by Email or by regular Postal services, confirming that the event will indeed take place as planned.


By “In due Time” we understand :

For Inland Events : at least 3 weeks prior event notice.

For European Events : and/or Worldwide Events at least 7 Weeks prior event notice.



To avoid rumours and misinterpretations

all Invitations, to participate at any Knighthood Event,

must be emitted officially from the Inviting authority of the Order and addressed, under penalty of nullity, to either :

Frater Robert :

Frater Heiko : Bels-Perleberg@t-online


IN RED = LATE ARRIVAL. Here we have a collision of 2 or more events on the same day. The invitation which has reached us later is marked in Pink


To a LATE ARRIVAL event, the Ordo Balliolensis will have difficulties to send a delegation. In this case, organisators should not blame us, for they have been informed long in advance, on our "Attending Priorities" system based on "First come, First served" !


ATTENTION. Orders informing us about their events MUST give us the EXACT DATE of the event. Places of the occurrences are only of secondary importance ! No incoming priorities without precise dates * !


* Exception: Orders organising their events yearly at about the same time, are automatically reported and ranked with the Highest Priority.

In consequence, other Orders must choose another date or be confronted with a minimum participation from our Order !



CF            =  Chevaliers de France

DRSG       =  Deutscher Ritterorden St Georg

OB            =  Ordo Balliolensis

OESSM    =  Ordre Equestre du St Sauveur de Mont-Réal

OSSAMR  =  Orden des Heiligen Erlösers in Aragon

OSBL        =  Orden der Schwertbrüder von Livland

OSMTH     =  Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolimitani. (France)

OSRL        =  Orden der Schwertritter von Livland

OStS         =  Ordre de St Stanislas

SKOCS     =  Ordre Sovereign Knightly Order Christ the Savior. (Ukr).



For security reasons, the Ordo Balliolensis will not longer indicate, in its Calendar, the places of events to come.



Posted 26 March 2017. Order X is imaginary and serves as an exemple !


Our Order has an average of 1 Investiture every 4 years.

Order X    has one Investiture every year.


Both distances to cover are about 1.200km (up/down).


Our Order participated at the Order X last 4 Investitures with 5 to 6 people.

Order X.   may plan to participate at our next Investiture with 2 people.


Conclusion :


Our Order presence at Order X Investitures counted some 20 to 24 people, who covered a total distance of 4.800km.

Order X, if it stays on course, will be present, at our Investiture, with 2 people who will cover a distance of 1.200km.


Needles to mention that this is not a Win/Win situation.


The situation is unfair and sounds much like a financial scam.


Anyway, the Ordo Balliolensis do not accept any longer this kind of attitude, all the more so as it emanates from the Traditional Chivalry that ought to be exemplary !

We are very sorry to be forced to teach such elementary lessons to Brother Order X.


In short, we will honor every invitation if the Win/Win situation is respected.





Normal Text :  Planned

Underlined  = Official Invitation Receive

In Red:  Conflicting Dates. Lower Priority.

in Blue : Presence probable of the Magister Supremus


Please note that Yearly events,

occurring since years at about the same date,

are automatically reported and ranked as High Priority.

Those are :

OSMTH : in March and in September.

Ordo Balliolensis : in May.

Chevaliers de France : begin of July.

Ordre de St Stanislas : in November.







                OSMTH           Investiture & Commemoration. France



27            DRSG              Investiture



17-19      OB.                  Investiture. Germany



                CF                   Investiture.  France







21           OESSM           Investiture. Belgium



5-6          OSMTH           Investiture. Germany





                OSST            Investiture et Gala. Germany