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The ESSAY ON THE BELS -BELLE (BALLIOL) DYNASTY (Volume I and II) by Fra. Robert Adelsohn Bels, are being printed. They will probably be ready for end of January 2020. They are written in English. The research for the writing of this Essay started in 1990.


The Volume I    is the Public version, it counts  415 pages.

It is a Historical Essay on the history of our Lineages. It reports events up till the XVII th century. Till the XX th century for some “public” people.


The Volume II   is the Private version, it counts 361 pages.

It is a Parallel History Book. Its contains information only reserved to Members of the Traditional Knighthood. The Volume II will only be sold upon authentication of the Member by his Prior or Grand Prior. Are liable to buy the book, the members having reached the rank of Squire and beyond !


Seigneur et Chevalier, which was first published in 1995, is reprinted as well. It is written in French and counts 225 pages.


Only 300 books are printed (100 books per theme) in a first wave ! Interested readers should reserve their Books ASAP (as soon as possible) as the demand is big !


             If interested, please contact  S.E. Messire Fra. Heiko BELS

Baron feudal nobility

Grand Prior of Germany

Feldstrasse 52 A.   D 19348 Perleberg (Germany)

Email :