Please DO NOT REACT to any Email or any correspondence coming from the address in the picture below. This is for us an unknown person and/or organisation and is considered as an  INTRUDER ! The USURPER is requesting money for a pseudo Charity Organization. 

As a precautionary measure and in case of doubt, always contact one of the persons listed under "CONTACTS". 


          WARNINGS - WARNINGS         



Neither the Order nor any of its members will ever ask for

any financial help or commercial interventions,

for any reason whatsoever.



Any Organisation or Institution that has not been officially recognised by our Order, that is making a link to our Website, or that is pretending to have privileged relations with the Ordo Balliolensis, without our written consent, is fraudulent, illegal and will be prosecuted for forgery, use of forgery and usurpation.

This step is taken to prevent promiscuity (French understanding of the word) and amalagame of our Order with other

"pretending serious" Orders.

The deadline for the removal of such illegal references is fixed to the 25th September 2019.