The Archives of our Order are by essence not public !


However, some videos taken during some international events may be put on Internet. In such cases, we put them in YouTube under the links that are listed hereunder.  


1. OSMTH (Porto) Marching out of the church of Coimbra (Portugal) (2011).

Camera : Fra. Robert Adelsohn Bels.


2. OSMTH (Porto).  Homenagem a Jacques DeMolay (2012), mártir da Ordem Suprema Militar do Templo de Jerusalem (OSMTH). Address :


3. OSMTH (Porto) Scottish pipers "en route" for the Commemoration Jacques de Molay. Paris 2012. Video : Fra. Robert Adelsohn Bels.

Address :

4. OSMTH (Porto) Grand Priory of Germany. Marching out of the Protestant church of Saarlouis (2011). Commemoration Mass for Fra. Helmut Braun. Legatus OSMTH. Camera : Fra. Robert Adelsohn Bels. Address :


5. OSMTH (Porto). Movie arrangement from OSMTH Russia.

Великий Приорат Тамплиеров Франции провел Международный Капитул в Париже (Франция), 16-18 марта 2012 года «Поминовение Великого Приора ЖАКА ДЕ МОЛЕ».


6. Ordo Balliolensis Investiture 2008 (B). Communion and Agnus Dei (life).


7. Ordo Balliolensis Investiture 2000 (B). The final part of the Investiture in Diepenbeek (B) that saw the last official and public apparition of Fra. André-Louis. Prophetic words of Fra. Baron André-Louis Saumier d´Albi (BALSA) : Speaking about the noble values of Chivalry and the difficulties to achieve them, Fra. André-Louis concluded (one can read it on his lips) by his last words : "... La route est difficile, beaucoup nous quitterons, les autres mourront à la tâche ! " or  "... The road is hard, many will leave us, the others will die on duty !".


Frater André-Louis died a few months later after having ordered to Paris, Fra Roland Maroteaux. To him, he transferred his Grand Mastership and Power symbolized by passing-over his Grand Master's Cross. So did Fra. Roland becomes the Official Heir of the late Baron. The Ordo Balliolensis is also proud to have Fra. André-Louis, since anno 1995 (Paris), as Knight of Honour of our Order. He was the fifth Knight to receive this very high Honour. 

Behind the Baron, at the speaker's cage, we can recognise the Knight Fra. Rev. René Heinrichs from OSMTH (NL) and the priest Rev. Helmut Pflanz von Landstuhl (Bann ) (D)


8. Mgr. Grand Master Jacques de Molay 700th years commemoration in Paris (March 2014). Video reportage from the OSMTH. France. Please copy and paste the following link :

and then download the Video. or watch Video on Youtube under :


9. The ten years anniversary celebration of the Grand Priory of Romania (Sept. 2014). Reportage from a Romanian TV (with publicity). Some publicity appears in the middle of the Video. Please copy and paste the following link :

Please see also


10.  Historical view on the Knight Templars (in Russian) by the General Grand Prior of Russia. H.E. Fra. Alexey Andreyev.


11. Les Chevaliers de France have their Website updated. The video that is to be found in the Website under "CLIP" is a unique and monumental work on the world of the Chivalry. A unique video documentary, in French, on what true Knighthood is and what a true Knight should be. All based upon the precepts of the late Baron André Louis Saumier d'Albis and his successor Mgr. Frater Roland Jean Maroteaux, admirably presented to the chivalric and profane world by the authorities of the Chevaliers de France.