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INVESTITURE OF THE O.S.M.T.H (Belgium) Castle of Boechout.

Upon the Official Invitation from the Grand Prior of Belgium, Fra. Armand MOREAUX, our Magister Supremus Fra. Dr.H.c. Robert ADelsohn Bels. Baron de Lormier participated at the Investiture of Sat. 21th June, 2016 and at the subsequent Gala.

The ceremonials of the Investiture of the day. Second from right is H.E. Fra. Armand Moreaux. Grand Prior of Belgium.
Fra. Hans. Commander of the Cdry St. Michael (D) and Fra. Chancelier Patrick Duez (B).
The three newcomers. now Squires
Left to right : The Grand Prior of Germany, H.E. Manfred Biewer. The Grand Prior of France. H.E. Gerard Willery and the Grand Prior of Welsh H.E. Brian Hansen.
... VIVE le CHEVALIER ... backed up by Frater Prof. Dr. Reinhard Latza (OSMTH. Germany), Futur Ambassador for Germany (October 2016).
The two Knights, Fra. Ruddy Encart (B) and Fra. Oeltje-Willem Renken (D)
Family picture of the day.
Left to right : The Grand Prior of France OSMTH H.E. Gerard Willery, The Knight OSMTH. Reverend Philippe Masson and Fra. Robert A. Bels
Fra. Mag Sup. Ordinis Balliolensis with his Brother of Arms, H.E. Fra. Manfred Biewer. Grand Prior OSMTH. Germany. They know each other for more than 20 years !