Paris anno 1314 - 2014

The following pictures come from various sources.

If the sources were taken by photographs out of our own Order, we will add their references.

The delegation of the Ordo Balliolensis.

View from the Knights on the "Ile aux Juifs".

Our Knights before the ceremonial of the White Rose

Front Line : White roses were thrown into the Seine, at the right place where Frater Jacques de Molay´s ashes were dispersed 700 years ago. Center picture, a Lady from Romania. Right, almost hidden by a Templar coat, the Grand Commandeur des Chevaliers Templiers de France, Frater Roland-Jean Maroteaux and far right, one of his Knights.

Mag.Sup Ordinis Balliolensis, Frater Robert Adelsohn Bels paying tribute to Grand Master Frater Jacques de Molay (Paris 1314 - 2014). 

Some of our Knights on the "Ile aux Juifs" on their way back to the ships, passing under the Flags of the participating delegations of 42 Nations.

Left, Frater Jürgen Bels, Baron d´Oosthove. Right, Frater Heiko Bels, Baron de la Croix, together with the Chinese Delegation.

The Grand Prior of Peru with Fra. Gerald Dettmer

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The delegation of the Chevaliers de France with left its Grand Commandeur Frater Roland Maroteaux (Avignon) 

OSMTH World Wide Grand Priors (one per represented country). Note, the Excellencies were not all seated at the time the picture was taken !

Future Templar Knights (Squires) with their "Parrain d´Armes".

Frater Robert Adelsohn Bels with Frater Tobi Dobbler, Prior of the Priory Marie Madeleine of Rennes-le-Château (France)

Frater HeikoJürgen and Gerald surrounding a sculpture of Jacques de Molay, specially made for this unique vent by the Grand Prior of Serbia, Fra. Dejan Jeremié.