Frater Robert Krüger became Squire of the Ordo Balliolensis during an ad hoc ceremony held on Saturday 14 May 2016, in the Chapel of the Abbaye of Orval (Belgium). The Knight Order of OSMTH (Belgium) and of St. Stanislas sent each, a small delegation to represent them.

Fra Robert Krüger in Orval
Opening the Ceremony
Frater Heiko as Ceremony Master and Sorores Alexandra as Protocol Officer.
Protocol Officer, Sor. Alexandra reading her ceremonial text.
Squire Ceremonial procedure
Squire Elevation
Fra. Robert undersigning his Charta.
And after having written his Thesis. Fra. Robert presented to the small assembly. Today Squire, he will be Knighted in 2017 after having presented his mandatory thesis + passed his several initiations (Dynastic History, Medieval and Chivalry History. Heraldry. W & C of Knighthood, etc.)
Fra. Robert with two Knights of Honour. Left. Fra. Patrick Duez (OSMTH) and right Fra. Herbert Class (OSS)
Fra. Gerald (right) is the "Parrain d´Armes", the educating Godfather of the new Squire.
Two knights of honour of the Ordo Balliolensis as official witness of the ceremony
Knights present. One is missing, Frater Freddy Smet (OSS) remained at the new Abbey due to unforeseen circumstances.
Left Fra. Mag. Sup. and right Fra. Heiko Bels before the set up of the Chapel and the Ceremony.