The Investiture of our Order, in Diepenbeek (B), Anno 1996

The Magister Supremus Ordinis Balliolensis, Mgr Fra. Robert A. Bels, making Fra. René Eischenne and Fra.Jacques Bernard, Knights of Honour of our Order.

From left to right, Fra. Maurice Demblon (OB), Fra. Frans Charles (OSMTH), Fra Robert. A. Bels (OB), The head of Lady Kornbichler, Fra. René Eischenne (OSMTH), Mgr Hans-Günther Kornbichler, Orden Grossmeister der Schwertritter von Livland, Fra. Jacques Bernard (OSMTH), Fra. Willy Vassaux (OSMTH), H.E. Fra. Robert Van Oproye (OSMTH).

Right is Fra. Haziza of the Prieuré Provincial de Paris et Berry (OSMTH)

Master of Ceremony, Fra. Frans Charles and Protocol Officer, Fra. Maurice Demblon, and other Knights, studying the Investiture´s Procedure written by Fra. Robert. A. Bels.

Ceremony Master and Protocol Officer in full action

Right, Messenger Fra.Jean-Claude Debels, gives the Charta to Fra. Maurice Demblon, informing the Magisterial Convent and the Noble Assembly of the presence of Squires at the doors of our city, coming from Orient, and requesting to be received in the Order.

At the right side of Fra. Robert A. Bels is Mgr Baron Fra. André Louis Saumier d´Albi (BALSA), Grand Master of the "Chevaliers de France".