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Our former Ambassador, H.E Frater Georg Götzelmann welcomes H.E Dan Vasiliu, Grand Prior of Romania.
Our Ceremony Master, Frater Heiko Bels, Baron de La Croix.
The Magister Supremus welcoming the Noble Assembly.
H.E Frater Roland Maroteaux, Grand Commandeur des Chevaliers de France, as Grand Master of Honour of the day, opens Officially the Investiture 2010.
Our Protocol Officer, Sorores Marita Welinski-Schlüssler of the OSMTH Germany, by the lighting of the Candles ritual. Right, the Ceremony Master, the Lord of La Croix.
Our first new Knight of Honour, H.E Frater Gerard, Grand Prior of France, OSMTH.
Our second new Knight of Honour, Frater Herbert, Order of St Stanislas (B)
Our two Squires, future Knights, escorted by Templar Knights
Our future Knights, Frater Gerald Detmer (D) and Frater Jim Elton Bell (USA), facing the verdict of the Noble Assembly. In the background, right, the Protocol Officer, Sor Marita Welinski-Schüssler, Knight OSMTH (Germany)
Idem as above, other view.
Sois Preux ... Debout Chevalier !
Monseigneur Frater Roland Maroteaux loads the swords of our new Knights.
Frater Gerald becomes his loaded Sword (isolated by wood) from the "Hands" of the Magister Supremus, Mgr Fra Robert Adelsohn Bels. Sgr de Lormier.
The new Knights become their Red Cape. " ... Maintenant tu n´auras plus jamais froid, mon Frere ...".
The Handover of the Knight Charter. In the background, H.E Frater Christo Smolenov, P.o of the Grand Prior of Bulgaria.
The Protocol Officer present to the Noble Assembly, the Coats of Arms of the new Knights so that they can be recognised.
The share of salted Bred and Wine ritual by two Templar Sisters of the OSMTH France.
Our new Knights flanked by Frater Jürgen Bels, Baron d´Oosthove and two witnesses, Gentedames Rose-Marie Bels and France Bell. In the background OSMTH Knights from Russia, Romania, France, Bulgaria and Germany.
On Order of the Magister Supremus, the Grand Commandeur and Grand Priors Salute the East.
To conclude our Investiture was a small concert by an Orchestra of Stuttgart.
Our former Ambassador H.E Georg Götzelmann, carrying the Flag of our Order, heads the walkout of the dignitaries. He is followed by the Knight Frater Gerald Detmer who carries the Coffin containing the Sacred Soils and by the Magister Supremus.
Our new Knights of Honour, H.E. Frater Gerard Willery, Grand Prior OSMTH (France) and Frater Herbert Class, Order of St Stanislas.
Our two new Postulants, Sor Alexandra Kilchling and Frater Andreas Bausemer.
From left to right, first row, the Grand Priors of the Order of St Stanislas Germany, OSMTH France, OSMTH Germany, OSMTH Romania, P.o OSMTH Bulgaria, Commandeur General des Chevaliers de France, Mag Sup Ordinis Balliolensis Germany, OSMTH Russia.
Some Knights present at our Investiture.