The Ordo Balliolensis requires from the Applicant  :


1.  The written request to join the Order.

2.  The transmission of Personal Data (Full Name, Address, Birthday and place, Marital status, nobility and/or  academic titles, etc.).

3.   A recent picture.

4.   A short resume of who he (she) is and the reason(s) he (she) decided to join our Order.


The Order considering the application, will :

6.   Inform the Applicant, by means of a CM (Magisterial Communication) of the primary decision of the Order.

7.  Send the Statutory Document of the Order (SDO), which contains, in details, the rules of the Order.

8.  Request the Applicant to reconsider to join the Order, after the reading of the SDO text.

9.  The Applicant will inform the Order of his (her) Final decision.

10.  The Order will then consider the Applicant as "Candidate" and inform the Applicant of the particularities of his  (her) new status.

11.  The Order will request the Applicant’s Financial Contribution to the Order. More Info about this in the SDO.


POSTULANT (average time between Postulant and Squire = 12 Months)

12.  The Order will organize the first passage to the Grade of Postulant. 

Requirements :

Participation at some main events of the world of Chivalry.


SQUIRE (average time between Squire and Knight = 12-24 Months)

13.  The Order will organize the second passage through a ritual to the Rang of Squire. This passage is done in a historical place linked to the Chivalry (Castle of Bouillon, Abbey of Orval, ruins of family castles).


- Participation at some main Events of the world of Chivalry.

Read and Study some Dynastic Historical Dates, as well as the history of the Middle-age, ancient dynasties and to familiarize himself the rules of the Protocol, the Etiquette, the Heraldry, etc.

-  Having presented to the Order his (her) Coat of Arms.

- The Applicant must be accompanied by two witnesses of his (her) choice, but according to the Order’s regulations.



13.  The Order will organize the Solemn Investiture to the Title of Knight. The knight's armament is made in a cathedral, basilica, abbey or in a church whatever the cult is, except the Islamic cult and others considered by us, as sectarian.


- A Thesis that is written by the Applicant on a, from him, (her) chosen subject (no copy-paste). The subject must be related to the Chivalry or linked to it (Middle-age, Crusades, etc..). The Thesis must be in Format A4 and count a minimum of 7 pages of valuable Info. The Thesis may be written in the Language chosen by the writer.

- The Applicant go through a third passage through a ritual. This passage, called "Voyage Symbolique", must be completed successfully, otherwise, the investiture is deferred. The Voyage Symbolique will take place about 6 months before the planned date of investiture.

- The Applicant must be in possession of his (her) Cape (reglementary cape of the Ordo Balliolensis), Sword, white gloves, the Orders´ Neck cross and his (her) Shield (Coat of Arms).

- The Applicant must be accompanied by two witnesses of his choice, but according to the Order’s regulations.