of the Traditional Chivalry Orders  - URBI et ORBI.


Please note that our Brother Fra. Heiko Bels, Sire de La Croix, has, by the Ordonnance Magistrale OM 41, dated 5 August 2017,

the Title, Rank, Functions and Prerogatives of a GRAND PRIOR.

It is as such authority that Fra. Heiko will represent our Order.


Our Embassy is as of September 6, 2013 "non-active" !


All correspondence formerly addressed to the Diplomatic Mission must be, until further notice, transferred to the Magister Supremus : Frater Robert Adelsohn Bels at robertbels347@gmail.com.

As there is no Ambassador ad Interim, our Diplomatic Mission will be under the responsibility of the Magister Supremus Ordinis Balliolensis. 

The diplomatic services now function only on a slow and restricted basis and many of its functions are no longer carried out.


Our Order opened as of 1 July 2019, a General Consulate in Belgium.




- The Grand Master

- The Ambassador


To them applies the Diplomatic Immunity and International Conventions on Diplomats and Diplomatic Missions. (Convention de Vienne (A) du 18/4/1961 sur les relations diplomati­ques).


"... Depuis les événements du 11 Sept 2001, aux Etats-Unis d´Amérique, sous sa pression et intérêts et sous la pression et intérêts de certains Etats pairs, cette Convention a perdu beaucoup de sa valeur. Icelle Convention peut être, aujourd´hui, considérée comme un vestige, parmi d´autres, d´un temps où la démocratie possédait encore quelques lettres de créances...."


Conclusion: We have no illusions about the real value attributed today to this Convention and even less about its practical applications, but let us nevertheless continue to apply it, as it is, as a guarantor of Human Dignity, following the example of Politeness and Good Manners, in the World of Traditional Chivalry which is ours!


This phraseology is in no way subversive. It makes us aware of a "state of affairs" which concerns the whole of humanity..." Televote CM 245.


The Master of Ceremonies is assigned a Protocol Officer. The latter has no diplomatic function.



To the attention of the Officers of Protocol


We believe that we have the right to expect from our guests the same respect and consideration for our Grand Master, our Ambassador, our Grand Priors and Princes of the Order that the Ordo Balliolensis presents with the greatest care to the authorities of other Orders and/or Grand Priories.


The Hymn of the Ordo Balliolensis will be played in the same way as the national Hymns of other Orders or Grand Priories during ceremonies of an international character. Likewise, the flag of the Ordo Balliolensis will open the march and will be presented in the same manner as the national flags of other international Orders or Grand Priories..."  Televote CM 397.



The Protocol request to address dignitaries of Knight Orders as follow :


-  A   Grand Master.  Verbal :            Monseigneur.

   In Text : Magister Supremus or     Grand Maitre.  Abrev: Mgr.

-  A   Grand CommandeurVerbal :  Monseigneur.

   In Text : Grand Commandeur  (for the Chevaliers de France).                    

-  An Ambassador, Legat Magistral or a Grand Prior :

   Verbal and text :                His Excellency (H.E) or Son Excellence (S.E)

-  A   Consul or another Dignitary :   His Exceĺlency (H.E) as above.

-  A   Knight :                                      Messire Chevalier 

-  A   Squire and a Postulant :           Gentilhomme - Gentedame


As our Order will never fail to respect these procedures, it is entitled to claim compliance with the provision by other Orders ! 


For any questions, please feel free to contact our DIPLOMATIC MISSION.


Our Diplomatic Mission, through its translation Office, will answer any in-coming correspondence written in English - French - German - Russian - Spanish and Dutch.