Temple de Pentemon. Paris, 28 October 2023

The sudden death of the 52nd Grand Master of the OSMTH, His Serene Highness Monseigneur Frater Gérard Edmond Louis Willery, on June 29, 2023, has led the Order to elect a new Grand Master.

This election was held behind closed doors, by the Grand Priors of the world, in Paris, on 2023, in the Temple de Pentemon. The new Grand Master elected in accordance with the Rule of the Temple is His Serene Highness, Monsignor Frater Jacques Dubos (Switzerland).
The Ordo Balliolensis offers him its sincerest greetings and best wishes for the future of his ministry, and for the pereniality of the Order.


Magistropolis Ordinis Balliolensis (archives) sent Monseigneur, two official documents of recognition : OM Nr 59 and CM Nr 1049.


Be assured, Your Serene Highness, Monseigneur Chvr Frater Jacques, of our support, as was Your Order in Flanders, with our donations and help to the Temple (Upstall, in Ypres, anno 1128. Scotland, 1147 to 1334),

with the 49th Grand Master HSH Mgr. Chvr Fra. Emile, Clément, Isaac Vandenberg,

with the 50th Grand Master, HSH Mgr. Chvr Fra. Antonio Campella Pinto de Souza Fontes,

with the 51st Grand Master. HSH Mgr. Chvr Fra. Fernando Campella Pinto Pereira de Sousa Fontes, and

with the 52nd Grand Master. HSH Mgr. Chvr Fra. Gérard Edmond Louis Willery.


May His Serene Highness, Monseigneur Chvr Frater Jacques, remember that, although we are Knights Ordinis Balliolensis, we are above all TEMPLARS, since we have the same Fountain of Honor, and our Magister Supremus was armed by a Knight Prior of the OSMTH (Prieuré Notre Dame des Chevaliers Templiers de Belgique).


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Note: The Ordo Balliolensis was not invited to this event, which took place,  unlike the election of the 52nd Grand Master, in Paris 2018, between Templars only. See the left column under : Photos OSMTH Paris 2018.


The new Grand Master, dignitaries and part of the voters' group.