CREATION of the GRAND PRIORY of RUSSIA. Moscow Dec. 2009

Being in Moscow on the W.E of ...  th December 2009, Fra. Robert A. Bels missed the creation of the Grand Priory of Russia, also held in Moscow on the same Saturday. The  right course of events became only known to Fra. Robert after 7 years : on 30th October 2016.


A total confusion had for result that our Magister Supremus Ordinis Balliolensis attended the creation of the Commandery Dimtri Donskoy but  was absent at the creation of the Grand Priory of Russia.


The Ordo Balliolensis presents its sincere and profound excuses to the Genral Grand Prior of Russia, Eques Magnae Crucis, H.E. Frater Alexey Andreyev, to his Brothers and Sisters, for this happening and declare to spare no efforts to throw the light on the succession of events which led to this "accidental" diplomatic faux pas !


Moscow´s Templars of the Grand Priory.

Left to right : The Grand Prior of Macedonia, The Grand Prior of USA, Monseigneur the Grand Master, The General Grand Prior of Russia and the Grand Prior of the Czech Republic.

H.E. Fra. Alexey Andreyev receiving .........  from the .......

Left to right : The General Grand Prior of Russia, H.E. Fra. Alexey Andreyev, receiving .......  from the Grand Master OSMTH, Monseigneur Fra. dom Fernando Pinto de Susa Fontes. In the back, the Grand Prior of Portugal, H.E. Fra. .......... 

At an Investiture of the OSMTH, in Tholey anno 2009 (Germany)

Having a good time together.