Knight of Honour Elevation by Fra. Robert Adelsohn Bels, during the Ordo Balliolensis Investiture of 1996. From left to right : Fra. Justin-René Eischenne (5) and Fra. Jacques Bernard (6), both from OSMTH (B). Far left, our Ceremony Master Fra. Maurice Demblon flanked by Fra. Frans Charles, Prior of Notre-Dame. OSMTH (B).




1.   Comtesse Marie-Louise de Beauffort de Liedekerke de Pailhe +, from Kortessem (B).

2.   Fra. Charles Frans, from Jumet  (B). 1992. A dissident faction of the OSMTH (Porto).

3.   Fra. Eischenne Justin-René, from Cour-sur-Heure (B). 1996 Dissident faction of OSMTH (Porto).              

4.   Fra. Bernard Jacques, from Marcinelle (B). 1996. A dissident faction of the OSMTH (Porto).

5.   Fra. Baron André-Louis Saumier d´Albi + . from Paris (F). 1995 

6.   Fra. Boudart Georges +,  from Brussels (B). OSMTH 1995  (not Updated)

7.   Fra. Mgr Alfonsius Morret +. from Wilsele (B). OSMTH. 

8.   Fra. Mgr Kornbichler Hans-Günther, from Köln (D). OSVL. 1999

9  . Fra. Heinrich Katzenstein +. OSMTH (D). 1999

10.   Fra. Prince Alexis Sachnowski + from Bruxelles. 2000 OSMTH (B) 

11. Fra. Baron Rombaut Laenen de Bonheide +. Laeken (B). 2002. OSMTH (B)

12. Fra.  Mgr Gérard Libert +  from Perwelz (B).  2002 FCM

13. Fra.  G.V                   from Laeken (B). 2004 OMTH.(B) 

14. Fra. Gustaaf Ceulemans + from Westerloo (B). OSMTH (B) 2004.

15. Sor.  Comtesse Arlette Pichard du Page +, from Kortrijk (B). 2005 (not Updated).

16. Fra. Georges Serguieff. from Bruxelles (B). 2006. FCM


17. Fra. Monseigneur dom Fernando Pinto de Sousa Fontes, from Porto OSMTH. (P). 2009

18. Fra. Gérard Willery, from Paris.OSMTH (F) 2010

19. Fra. Herbert Class,  from Sterrebeek (B). OSS (B). 2010

20. Fra. Patrick Duez,  from  Braine L´Alleud (B). OSMTH (B)  (B). 2012

21. Fra. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Latza, from Homburg (D). OSMTH (D). 2017

22. Fra. Dr. h.c. Henry Lincoln, from Rennes-les-Bains (F). OSMTH. 2017

Our oldest Knight of Honor is Frater Henry Lincoln. He was born on 17th April 1930, in London.


Knight of Honour Elevation. From left to right : Fra. Patrick Duez (19) (OSMTH.be), Fra. Robert and our new Knight of Honour Fra. Gustaav Ceulemans + (14). (OSMTH. be). Diepenbeek anno 2004.




For personal reasons, some of our Knights of Honour do not whish to have their names and/or pictures published. In accordance with the Respect of the Private Life of our Knights of Honour, we removed their data, leaving only a Reference Number related to their Elevation. The Names of these Knights of Honour may eventually be communicated to a third person, only through our Embassy and only after having received a written contentment of the concerned Knight !