OUR KNIGHTS during the Crusades

Non-Exhaustive Enumeration.

Out of the "Essay on the Bels-Belle (Balliol) Dynasty"

by Fra. Robert Adelsohn Bels.

Version 3. Anno 2012


In 1082, a “Balliol” accompanies Robert the Magnificent, Duke of Normandy, to the Holy Land.


From 1085 till 1091, Robert the Frisian (le Frison, French), Count of Flanders, went with some two hundred knights of Flanders and some other companions, on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This pilgrimage had nothing to do with the subsequent Crusades that were preached by Pope Urbanus II at the Concilum of Clermont (France) held on Nov 27, 1095. Bels and Belle knights accompanied the Count.


In August or September 1096, Balduinus I Balliol, Lord of Belle, (x Plectrude d’Arquenghien), fs of Simon Lord of Ieper and Albrecht of Balliol, Lord of Belle “baro, optimas et princes”, leaves, with Bels and Belle Knights and other Flemish Knights, for the Crusade of the Barons: This was the first official Crusade. They accompanied Messire Godefroid de Bouillon (Godfried van Bonen). ).


In 1097 or 1098, Albertus of Balliol, brother of Balduinus I, died in Palestine.


Born about 1100, Anselmus and Balduinus II of Balliol (x Agnès of Wavrin), are Viscounts of Ieper. Anselmus had already received from Diederik (Thierry) of Alsace (x Sibyla, fa of King Fulco of Anjou), King of Jerusalem (1131-1143) and Count of Flanders (1128-1168), the title and the function of Baron Knight and Lord of Ieper in 1124 and a second time in 1127 !


In 1147, May-June, Balduinus II of Balliol (x Agnès de Wavrin °June 1145 + 1219) Lord of Ieper, baron, and his brother Anselmus, Lord of Ieper, participate to the second crusade placed under the direction of Diederik of Alsace, Count of Flanders. Anselmus never came back!  Agnes de Wavrin is a descendant of Karoloman (°748) via the Lineages of the de Wavrin,


A document written in 1157 says: “Anselmus of Balliol, squire of the Count of Flanders Diederik of Alsace, accompanied him to the Holy Land, followed by 500 men of Ieper, who had taken the cross and wore a uniform of scarlet cloth”. Was this Anselmus another one than the one who left in 1147 and who never came back ?


In June 1177, Balduinus II of Balliol (x Agnes of Wavrin) accompanies the Count of Flanders, Philippe of Alsace (fs. of Diederik), at the time of his first journey in Orient. He may not return from this journey since we lost all traces from him after anno 1177. Agnes de Wavrin was fa. of Roger III de Wavrin and Richilde de Hainaut.


In 1187, twenty-six Knights receive from Balduinus IX, Count of Flanders, the authorization to raise a banner*. Henri I of Balliol was one of them. *A Banner Knight (Banneret) had sufficient possessions to take care of about 50 Knights who may fight under his Banner.


In 1187, Balduinus III Belle van (alias of Balliol), Lord, Viscount and Châtelain of Ieper (x Mathilda of Bourbourg), rejoins the Holy Land, with the Count of Flanders, where reign the debacle of the siege of Saint Jean d'Acre. He is reported as being the Captain of the Count of Flanders´ close protection. He died the same year. On 4 July, the Christian undergo, in Hattin, a fatal defeat that will allow the troops of Saladin, three months later, on 2 October, to take over Jerusalem. Saladin died in 1193. Hattin is considered as the 8th greatest battle in history as to its influence on history.


In 1187, Balduinus IV van Belle (alias of Balliol), Lord and Viscount of Ieper, rejoins the Holy Land where the debacle of the siege of Saint Jean d’Acre reign. This Lord most probably has been “en route” together with Balduinus III Belle, most probably his father !  


In 1187, Balduinus III of Balliol, Lord and Châtelain of Ieper, (x Agnes, fa of Anselm, Châtelain of Ieper), is reported to have gone to the Holy Land with the Count of Flanders. He died on the trip.


In 1203, Jourdain of Belle (or Balliol), son of Baudouin III (x Marguerite N…), is Lord of Ardenbourg (or Oudenbourg). He left April 4, 1202, Valencienne, with the Count of Flanders, Baudouin IX, for the Fourth Crusade and participated, in 1203 and in 1204, to the siege of Constantinople.


From 1208 to 1244, several Knights Bels participated in the Crusade of the Feudal against the Cathars (Albigeois) preached by Pope Innocent III. One of them is reported as being a Flemish Templar Knight !


In 1269, Eustache II of Balliol accompanied the English Prince Edward the Holy Land.


In 1270, Enguerrand of Balliol participated to the 8th Crusade headed by the French King Louis IX (also called Saint Louis), together with the Count of Flanders, Guy of Dampierre and Guy of Montmorency.


In 1339, Jean Baillieul (Balliol), Knight Banneret, Lord of de Condé, of Bailleul, of Morialmez, High Attorney-at-law of the city of Fossé, died on his return from the Holy Sepulchre and was buried at Venice (Italy).