Upon the advice from the Chief of the Diplomatic Mission of the Ordo Balliolensis, His Excellency, the Ambassador  NA, our Magisterial Convent has decided to recognise officially, as of March 2019, the following Orders of Traditional Knighthood :


See more details on Orders under Knight Obligations.

  1. L’Ordre du Saint-Sépulcre de Jérusalem (1099)
  2. L’Ordre Hospitalier de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem (1113) plus tard Ordre Souverain de Malte. 
  3. L’Ordre du Temple de Jérusalem (1118).

         Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani (OSMTH) Porto.

         Since 2018. OSMTH International (France).

  1. L’Ordre de Calatrava (1158)
  2. L’Ordre de Saint-Jacques-de-l’Epée (1170)
  3. L’Ordre de Montjoie (1175)
  4. L’Ordre d’Alcántara (1177)
  5. L’Ordre de Saint-Benoît d’Aviz, ou, d’Avis (1187)
  6. L’Ordre Constantinien de Saint-Georges (1190)
  7. L’Ordre Teutonique (1198)
  8. L’Ordre de Saint-Lazare de Jérusalem et Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel (1200)
  9. L’Ordre de Saint-Georges d’Alfama (1201)
  10. L’Ordre des Chevaliers Porte-Glaive de Livonie (1202).

          Orden Schwertritter    v Livland (OSRL) Mag. in Hasselt (B)

          Orden Schwertbrüder v Livland (OSBL) Mag. in Lindlar (D)           

  1. L’Ordre de Sainte-Marie d’Espagne (1272)
  2. L’Ordre de Montesa (1317)
  3. L’Ordre du Christ du Portugal (1319)


-  As of 30 April 2011 our General Convent, held in the Abbey of Orval (Belgium) recognised officially, upon the proposition of our Diplomatic Mission and confirmed by our International Diplomatic Relations, the following Orders. Most of them, recently constituted, officially declared to apply the Codex of the Traditional Knighthood.


Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolomitany (OSMTH) Worldwide. Magistropolis in Paris. (France)

-  Les Chevaliers de France (Fraternité) (CF). Grand Commander in  Avignon (France)

-  L´Ordre de St Stanislas  (OStS). Magistropolis in Piaseczno (Poland)

-  Deutscher Ritterorden St Georg  (DRSG). Magistropolis in (Germany)

-  Ordre Equestre du St Sauveur de Mont-Réal  (OESSM). Magistropolis in Paris (France)

-  Cordon Bleu du Saint Esprit  (CBdSE). Magistropolis in Erfurt (Germany)

- Orden des Heiligen Erlöser in Aragon (OHEA). Magistropolis in Dinslaken (Germany)

- Orden der Stern und Freundschaft (OSF). Magistropolis in Bamberg (Germany). This Order is more of a fraternity than a traditional Order of Chivalry. It is therefore in this light that it should be considered.

- Orden der Schwertritter von Livland (ORVL). Magistropolis in Hasselt. (Belgium).

- Orden der Schwertbrüder von Livland (OBLV). Magistropolis in Dienstlaken (Germany).



(whether underlined or in red),  





Orders, or related institutions, which mention our Order as a reference on their website and pretend to have established an Internet link with it, or which claim to have established diplomatic relations with our Order, are transmitting false information and breaking the law.


Upon recommendation of the Chief of our Diplomatic Mission, NA, dated February 13, 2011 and endorsed by our General Convent held in the Abbey of Orval Bouillon (Belgium), some Orders were removed from our International Relations List. Please contact our diplomats if you whish to receive some verbal information about a specific case. Please realise that our Embassy uses the “Need to Know” clause in divulging sensible information.