INVESTITURE OSMTH (Germany) Benedictine Abbatial Church of Tholey (Saarland)


During this Investiture, two German Squires were Knighted and subsequently, the Grand Prior H.E. Fra. Manfred Biewer passed his Grand Priorship to his successor, now the Grand Prior H.E. Fra. Roberto Fazzio.


Small delegations, representing several International Grand Priories, also participated at the event. So were represented the Grand Priories of : Belgium, France, Greece, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Monaco and Wales (GB). The Ordo Balliolensis was present with 6 Knights, one Knight of Honour and one Squire.


The Ordo Balliolensis invited the Grand Prior for Germany of the Prestigious International Knight Order of Saint Stanislas : His Excellency Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison and his Brother of Arms Fra. Herbert Class, Knight of Honour Ordinis Balliolensis.


Ladies and friends accompanied the delegations.


The German Grand Prior H.E. Manfred Biewer welcoming the Ordo Balliolensis Grand Master Fra. Dr. H.c. Robert Adelsohn Bels. Baron de Lormier. Right H.E. Roula Rogan, Grand Prior of Greece and half hidden H.E. Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison, Grand Prior of the Order of St. Stanislas.

H.E Fra. Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison en route to enhance by His prestige and noble presence the Investiture of the day. His Excellence is escorted by Fra. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Latza, Bundesverdienstkreuz, Prefecto (Ambassador) for Germany O.S.M.T.H

After having transmitted his Grand Priorship to Fra. Dr. H.E. Robert Fazzio, Fra. Manfred Biewer, Grand Prior since 2002, will keep his function of Legatus Magistralis of the Order.

The Knighting of two new Knights : Fra. Jacob Rattinger and Fra. Helmut Bäcker.

The Grand Prior of Germany handing over his Grand Priorship to Fra. Dr. Robert Fazzio, henceforth "His Excellency the Grand Prior". Witnessing the event is the Knight Fra. Rudiger Louis, Visitator Magistralis of the Order.

H.E. Frater Dr. Robert Fazzio is now the new Grand Prior of Germany of the prestigious Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani under the Grand Mastership of the Portuguese Count Monseigneur don Fernando Pinto de Souza Fontes. Frater don Fernando is at the head of the International Order since 19th February 1960... or more than 56 years ! The Ordo Balliolensis will support Fra. Robert in his new function as it did for Fr. Manfred Biewer for more than 25 years !

The knight left of the third row is Fra. Patrick Duez. OSMTH. Belgium. Knight of Honour of the Ordo Balliolensis.

From left to right : H.E. the Grand Priors from Wales, Belgium, Greece, France, Germany (ex), Germany (new), Macedonia, Ordo Balliolensis,  Germany of the Order of St. Stanislas and the Visitator Magistralis. Not on the picture, the Portuguese official representing the Grand Master O.S.M.T.H. Monseigneur don Fernando.

Left : Fra. H.E. Gerard Willery, Grand Prior of France and his new Brother of Arms Fra. H.E. Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison.

Fra. Heiko Bels, Baron de La Croix with a welcome word and a present for the new Grand Prior.

Left, the Grand Prior of Germany of the Order of St. Stanislas, Fra. H.E. Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison, Fra. Dr. H.c. Robert and Fra. Dr. H.E. Fra. Robert Fazzio, the new Grand Prior of Germany.

Top-level representatives of two prestigious Dynastic Orders : The Order of St. Stanislas and the Ordo Balliolensis.

Fra. Robert and Fra. Robert (sic) Contemplating the Charta of Frat. Larmenius (Fontaine d´Honneur) in Templar coded text. A farewell present to Fra. Manfred.

Fra. Manfred and Fra. Robert cavalcade together the dusty roads of the Traditional Knighthood for more than a quarter century. This is well worth a toast.

Left. Sor. Prof. Alexandra Kilchling, Knight Ordinis Balliolensis, translating the French words from H.E. Fra. Gerard Willery  into German for H.E. Fra. Manfred Biewer.

The Knight at the center, represent the official Portuguese delegation and is, for the event, the Official Messenger and Translator (Portuguese/German) of the Grand Master  Monseigneur Fra. don Fernando.