The BELS COLLEGE's Constitution on 15.4.2023

The BELS College, founded on November 11, 2022, was officially constituted on Saturday, April 15, 2023, in Gotha (Thüringen-Germany). The constitutive members signed the Constitutive Charter written in French, German and English.


The BELS College will have its own website for scientific consultants and members. For the time being, all contacts and interactions between Consultants and information seekers are handled by the Webmaster, whose address is given below.

Photos of some of the signatories of the

The BELS College

Constitutional Act

Here follows the Constitutive Charters


Please note that access to the Advisory Chair (Scientific Consultants) is, for the time being, only accessible to active members of the Traditionnal Chivalry.  All other requests will not be taken into account and no follow-up will be given. It follows that the questions and answers are not in the public domain and will not appear on this website...