The Ordo Balliolensis held its Investiture 2017, on Saturday 27 May, in the Castle Church of Ludwigslust (D).

En route to the Castle Church of Ludwigslust.

Our two new Postulants. Left Fra. Yves Senden (B) and right Fra. Thomas Block (D). They were elevated to their rank by the Knight Jacob Manning (USA)

The Charging of the Swords Ritual.

Just a few moments before the Knighting. Fra. Robert Krüger and Sor. Rosemarie Bels pronounce their oaths.

The neu Knights Fra. Robert (above) and Sor. Rosemarie, receiving their Swords.

Two Knights became Knight of Honour of our Order. The Knight Templar Prof. Dr. Reinhard Latza (D), Ambassador OSMTH Germany and the Knight Templar Fra. Prof. Henry Lincoln (F).

Two Knights of our Order accepted, during a small feudal ritual of transmission of a fief, to bring up to life, two of our exinguished lordships : one in England and one in Scotland.

Fra.Jacob Manning and Fra. Gerald Dettmer receiving their Lordships (Engl. and Scot.) Chartas.

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